Get Started in Service-Learning

Instructions for Students

You are embarking on an opportunity to learn about your course material through service that meets community needs. You will meet one or more educational goals through this service. Your course syllabus or assignment description should identify those learning outcomes.

1. Reading your syllabus/assignment description, you should understand the following:
  • What are the requirements?
  • Is service-learning a mandatory part of the class?
  • What type of service activity is encouraged? Are there specific community partners or sites?
  • What are the "connections" that link the service and your course content?

2. Note that many S-L sites/partners require you to attend training sessions to participate. Some of these trainings take place in the very beginning of the semester, so please pick your project ASAP.
3. Chaminade's Online Service-Learning Registration MUST be completed by the deadline specified on the online form & waiver. (Or defer to your instructor's deadline.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have plans to participate in a pre-scheduled training that takes place after the due date, you should still register online, print the connection form, and send an email to before the due date, indicating your site and your plans.

You'll find the LINK TO REGISTER BELOW; proceed to it after reading these instructions. As you complete the online portion, you will be prompted to print out the Community Connection Agreement & Student's Assumption of Risk, Release and Waiver. This needs to be signed by the community person at the site/project, who'll serve as your site supervisor.

This is what it will look like. How do you fill it out? See instructions in RED, in the example here:
SL Release and Waiver Form Example
If you need information about possible projects/sites, please talk to your professor and check out the "S-L Projects" page on this website. The S-L Office can also help.

**When you turn in your waiver, MOST professors will require you to PICK UP a two-sided form to track your service:
 SL Evaluation ExampleService-Learning Timesheet

4. Once your registration is done and you have completed any required trainings, you can begin doing your project. Serve for the number of hours required by your instructor (10+ hrs.), OR complete your class S-L project as directed. If your instructor requires you to use the timesheet, get it signed every time you do service (see timesheet example above).
5.  At the end of your service, ask your community supervisor to fill out the back side of your timesheet - the Volunteer Site SUPERVISOR'S EVALUATION (see example above). This is not needed if your professor is also serving as your supervisor. Give your supervisor enough time to complete and mail (or scan and e-mail) it to the Service-Learning office (Henry Hall 117) by the deadline. For PACE/summer courses, consult your professor for the deadline.
6. Complete a reflection assignment and/or participate in reflective activities.


Special notes for PACE/summer courses only:

  • Consult your professor for the deadlines.
  • The S-L Office MUST receive the original copy of your completed Connection Form.
  • If you are unable to drop off your form, please mail it to our office.
  • If you are required to track your service on a timesheet/evaluation form and would like to receive it sooner, please drop off or mail the form to the office AND scan/e-mail (or photograph and e-mail) a copy of your form (include your name, course code and professor).
  • Once we receive this e-mail from you, we will correspond with you via e-mail you so you can receive your form in a timely manner.



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