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Faculty Receive Awards for Service-Learning Efforts

Chaminade Professor is National Finalist for Faculty Service-Learning Award
Featuring: Wayne Tanna

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: Wayne Tanna, Esq.

ISOBD Award Tanna

This prestigious ISOBD award recognizes outstanding contributions to higher education teaching.  Judging criteria:

  • Demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching methods
  • Evidence of scholarly accomplishment
  • Dedication to institutional service
  • Strong support of student activities
  • Subject matter knowledge
  • Innovative instructional methods
  • Utilization of service-learning principles

Pete Steiger wins "Wet Feet" ContestPete Steiger wins Wet Feet

Pete Steiger earned the grand prize in S-L’s “WET FEET” Contest for creating a syllabus that shows students the importance of their S-L option in helping them understand the subject matter of the course. Other outstanding prizewinners in the contest included Richard Kido, Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel, Barbara Belle, and Teena Michael.

AUW Luncheon Tanna

Aloha United Way Luncheon

On May 5, 2008, the Aloha United Way's Family and Individual Self-Sufficiency Program hosted a luncheon to honor its extraordinary volunteers and to highlight their impact during the 2008 tax season. Director Susan Tamanaha presented Chaminade's Wayne Tanna with a surprise - he had been the inspiration for the creation of a new award, entitled "The Above-and-Beyond Award." Wayne has been instrumental in all aspects of these successful programs which have returned millions of dollars to Hawaii's homeless and working poor. Student Joseph Schriml and Director of Service-Learning, Candice Sakuda, were also present for the ceremonies.

NOVL Volunteer Leader of the Year Award Goes To Candice Sakuda

“On November 4, the Network of Volunteer Leaders (NOVL) awarded two recipients with the 2005 NOVL Volunteer Leader of the Year Award. One of the recipients of this award was SHINE Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator CANDICE SAKUDA.”