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Chaminade's Academic Honors Ceremony: Outstanding Service-Learning Student Awards

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Student Awards

Service-Learning Student Awards by Semester

This award in Service-Learning is given to a student who has performed service in an exemplary manner for a significant number of hours, therein growing in command of the subject matter of the course and becoming more aware of the poverty and oppression in our society. The awardee shows some determination to work at alleviating those conditions. Read more

50/50 Award
Students who do 50+ hours beyond S-L course requirements earn a $50 prize!

  • To qualify, students MUST follow standard S-L procedures:
    • Register for S-L
    • Serve at an approved site/work with an approved agency or project
      (S-L course instructor & S-L Director must deem that the service is successfully “connected” to the academic material)
    • Complete all course requirements related to the service (min.# of hours , reflection, etc.)
  • Then, they must continue the same service commitment  for at least 50 hours within that semester.
    • Submit all hours verified by supervisor signature on timesheet
    • Earn positive evaluation by supervisor

    5050 Holly Candice Award recipient: Holly Hewitt

Every so often, we find that students go above and beyond the requirements for service-learning for their classes, dedicating their free time and service to the community. Dr. Ronnie Mulford had the brilliant idea of recognizing these exemplary students. She graciously sponsored an award of $50 for each student who gives 50 hours above and beyond the hours required for class. Today’s awardee is Ms. Holly Hewitt. Holly served for about 88 hours at Next Step Homeless Shelter (holly says that she felt that she had helped on a basic level through her tutoring of the keiki there, but she also was able to learn about their life circumstances and better understand the way the world works. She came away with a feeling of fulfillment and different outlook on life.

Mahalo to sponsor "Auntie Ronnie," for her generous support of our S-L students!