Club Registration

Welcome to the Club Registration Page! This year (2013) OSAL has moved away from the paper process of club registration, to a new online application. The process is simple, but it still requires you, as students, to follow the directions step by step in order to ensure you are submitting a worthy application. Remember, you club registration is vital.

To help you understand the actually budget process here is a how to video for on-line registration.

Here is the link to the club registration application. Remember to watch the video to help you fill out the this application correctly:

Also, donít forget to check out the resource page to help you and your student organization get ready for the upcoming year. All the tools that you will need are located on the resources tab.

Club Registration Information

A student organization can be registered anytime during the fall or spring semesters. However, if a student organization requests to be funded they must complete their registration process by the third Wednesday of the new semester.

Student Organization Budget Requesting:

Each year all day full-time students pay a Student Fee, that student fee is collect by the Chaminade Student Government Associations (CSGA) to delegate to three different student bodies. One of those bodies is the Chaminade Student Allocations Board (CSAB). The CSAB allocates funds to student groups who are seeking funds from the student fee. CSAB will start the allocations process by the end of the third week of the semester to each of the student groups who have completed the registration by the 3rd Wednesday of the semester.

Budget assistance workshops will be offered to student organization prior to completing a budget. OSAL Staff and CSAB members will offer these workshops and trainings, if you want their assistance stop by the OSAL Office in Ching 106 or call 808-739-4688 to speak to the director of OSAL.

  • CSAB will actively seek out student group leaders to look help out with budget and financial assistances. Liaisons are assigned to each group to help with financial matters.

Here is a list of task that must be completed before your student organization can be funded during allocations:

  • All advances from the previous semester must be reconciled with the Business Office.
  • Community services must be completed. Each student organization must have completed community services before the semester that they are registered.
    • Community services should be completed during the previous semester.
  • Budgets and Registration must be turned in by the 3rd Wednesday of the school year.

For more questions, your student organization can refer to Student Organization Handbook which can be located at the following link:

To help assist your advisor(s) you can refer they can refer to the Advisor Handbook which can be located on this link: