Check Request: Forgot to pick up a check request form? Download it here. Donít forget to pick up the OSAL Check Request form, to accompany this sheet, from the OSAL Office. REMEMBER! Do not fill out the account number information!

Cash Receipt Transmittal: Need to turn in money? Hereís the form to do it. Donít forget to submit this form (w/ the money) to OSAL after you have filled it out.

Fund Transfer: This form is used to transfer funds from one account to another.

Private Vender Form: Use this form with venders who do not provide itemized receipts. Remember, receipts must be itemized! If you are shopping at a store that does not offer itemized receipts, their receipts will not be accepted through the business office. Donít take the chance, bring this form with you and have the vender fill out this form. This form should also be accompanied with a W-9.

W-9: Tax Identification for new venders. Using a new vender for a ďpayment dueĒ? Have them fill out this form and return it back with your request to OSAL. All new, first time venders, must be registered with the business office with this form. Have question on how to use it? Ask us and we will be happy to help.

Student Organization Agreement: Make sure you understand the rules and policies that govern our student organizations. This form must be filled out every semester by your club officers and advisor(s) stating that you have read and understand the Student and Advisor Handbooks. Sign and submit this form by the end of first month of the school year.

Budget Form Samples: Donít remember how to fill out the paperwork? Donít remember which sheet needs to go with another? Here are some cheat sheets to help your group out. Again, if you need help understanding the paperwork stop by our office at CTCC 106 and we will be happy to help you.

Club Budget Sheet: Need help keeping track of your budget? Use this spread sheet to help your student organization track all its expenses and revenue. Having trouble reading this sheet? Check in with us at Ching 106 and let us know.

Detailed Budget Template: This is a sample of how your budget should look when you submit it with the club registration. Make sure that you give as much detail about all your expenses and revue for your student organizations.

CUH Banner Policy and Guidelines: For students organizations looking to post banners at designated banner areas (Front of CTCC and Waialae Road) please read this form.

Clarence TC Ching Conference Center: Here are the guidelines for making reservations for the CTCC Conference Center. If your group is looking to reserve this space make sure you check the portal calendar online for its availability. Otherwise, read everything on this link to help your group make this reservation. Fill out the request event form first before making a facilities request. Event request forms can be found in the OSAL Office (CTCC106)

Facilities Schedule Request Instructions: If your group is looking to make a facilities schedule request, please review this form to help you through the process. OSAL is not responsible for approving your facilities request, but we are responsible for approving your event (event request form). Fill out the request event form first before making a facilities request. Event request forms can be found in the OSAL Office (CTCC106)

Tobacco Policy Proposal