Student Organizations

More than thirty-six student organizations have been recognized on Chaminade’s campus. They offer all students a chance to pursue interests, develop leadership skills, and extend their activities beyond the classroom. From recreational clubs and specific ethnic interests to honors associations and organizations whose central point is on pre-professional development, the Chaminade student organizations serve a wide variety of interests.

Student Governing Associations

The Chaminade Student Government Association (CSGA) has a charter from the University as the official student governing organization of the student body, CSGA works towards improving the general student welfare, advocating for student needs, encouraging initiative and responsibility, and facilitating communication between students, faculty, staff, and administration on University matters.

2014-2015 Elected Officers

Full-time undergraduate day session students are automatically members as part of their student government fee. Part-time and evening accelerated program students can become members by paying the student government fee. Your student government fees are divided among the following organizations: CSGA, Allocation Board, and Programming Board. If you are interested in getting involved, contact us at 808-739-8378 or stop by the CSGA office located next to the Vi and Paul Loo Center.

CSGA shall consist of two branches, Executive and Legislative. The Executive Branch shall consist of six officers: President, Executive Vice-President, Vice-President of Internal Affairs, Vice-President of Finance, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Communications, and the Advisor. The Legislative Branch shall consist of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Elected Positions: President, Executive Vice-President, Senator-at-Large, Vice-President of Finance, Vice-President of Programming, Senators (two from each class and one commuter student from the student body), seven representatives to the Programming Board, two Allocation Board members.
Appointed Positions: Vice-President of Internal Affairs, Vice-President of Communications and Advisor

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The Chaminade Student Allocation Board (CSAB) shall be the allocating body for allocating student activity fees, based on a set percentage, each semester to the CSGA, the Chaminade Student Programming Board, and all registered student clubs and organizations. It shall monitor the use of such funds and with the Business Office and Director of Student Activities & Leadership, audit the funds as appropriate or necessary. Finally, CSAB may further recommend to the CSGA, increases or decreases in the Student Activity Fee. Office is located next to the Vi and Paul Loo Center.

2014-2015 Board

Chair Kiana Avalos
Member Alexandra Roberts
Member Darnell Fenderson
Member Jerri Francisco

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The Chaminade Student Programming Board is to plan, implement, and coordinate all organizational program offerings in conjunction with the Director of Student Activities & Leadership and to avoid overlap or needless competition. CSPB will coordinate and promote co-sponsorship of student programmatic activities by more than one club or organization. Office is located next to the Vi and Paul Loo Center.

2014-2015 Board

Chair Carlos Cortes
Member Amber Alveraz
Member Anthony Bittner
Member Charo Rodrigues
Member Jacob Amborski
Member Kristopher Lee Adams
Advisor Danny O’Reagan

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