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Meal Programs and Dining Services

Food services are available for students living in campus housing. Residents of Hale Lokelani, Hale Pohaku and Kieffer Hall are required to have a meal plan. This is part of the contract as a condition of residing in these halls. Since the rooms do not have kitchens, no personal cooking is allowed in residence halls for safety and sanitation reasons. Students in these residence halls may choose from these plans: Hula (A), Mahalo (B) or Aloha (C). If no meal plan is chosen, students will automatically be placed on the Hula (A) meal plan for the semester.

Students living in our apartment complexes Waialae, Date Street and Iolani Terrace may choose to sign up for any of the meal plans listed below, however, they are not required to. For apartment residents who would like the flexibility and ease of having some of their meals prepared for them, Plan D has been specially designed for them.

Meal Plans- Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Plan A - Hula: 10 meals per week + $150 DB dollars + 2 guest meals= $2,185.00
Plan B - Mahalo: 14 meals per week + $150 DB dollars + 2 guest meals= $2,840.00
Plan C - Aloha: Unlimited meals per week + $150 DB dollars + 5 guest meals= $2,940.00
Plan D - 80 Block Plan: 80 block meals + $150 DB dollars= $925

Spring Break Meals:
TBA-This depends on the amount of participation. Spring break meals are not provided in the plans above.

Only declining balance (DB) dollars are transferable from the Fall to Spring semester. There are no transfers of DB dollars from the Spring to Fall semester. If a student requires more DB dollars they can increase their dollar amount by making a deposit thru

The Silversword Cafe offers all-you-care-to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and weekend meals as part of the regular meal plan.

The Courtyard Cafe offers an open air patio setting, utilizing the DB dollars for lunch, dinner or snacks.

Food services are also available for staff, faculty members, and commuters. The meal services are only offered during lunch.

Lunch plan 1 - 55 meals for academic year + $20 DB dollars= $500.00
Lunch plan 2 - 45 block meal plans at lunch for academic year + $40 DB dollars= $450.00
Lunch plan 3 - 25 block meal plans at lunch for academic year + $65 DB dollars= $300.00

Debit dollars can be used at the Silversword and Courtyard Cafe.