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Finish In Four Years. Save Your Green.

» Look up the most current 4-year plan for your major in the chart on our Majors and Programs page.

Doesn't Everyone Finish College in Four Years?

A little known but very important fact about college costs is the time it takes you to graduate with a degree. Across the nation, most four-year colleges report that students spend six years on average to complete a four-year degree, the equivalent of a 50% tuition hike. Some students take even longer to complete their bachelors.

Chaminade has taken the initiative to create a four-year plan for each major to make graduating in four years a reality for all students. This is an institution-wide initiative that most schools do not have. Our four-year plans are a roadmap for getting all requirements completed on time and in order.

Big Schools, Bigger Problems. Why don't students finish on time? Isn't this the student's problem? Not necessarily. The scheduling needs of students in a degree program are not always accounted for by a college. This is often the case at large state institutions. A course you need may be full, rescheduled, or dropped at the time you need to take it to stay on track with your degree program. Delaying graduation means it takes longer to start in an entry-level job in your field and longer to pay back loans.

Chaminade Four-Year Plans

You can look up the most current 4-year plan for your major in the chart on our Majors and Programs page.

How Do the Plans Work?

Save Green

Chaminade works to resolve problems before they happen. Our faculty and academic advising staff work together to make sure each and every degree program can be completed on time. Semester course schedules are reviewed, tweaked, and changed, with your degree requirements in mind. Innovative strategies are in place for some credit-heavy majors, such as the "open lab" schedule for science majors that helps with scheduling 4-hour lab blocks. If students stick to the plan, pass their courses, and consult academic advising if any issues crop up, they can graduate on time.

What About Undecided Majors?

Students who are undecided as freshmen, or want to change their major, may need a little extra guidance. Our academic advising and career counseling staff work intensely to help all such students find the major that makes sense for them, before their sophomore year.

The Chaminade advantage: Save time, save money, get a jump start on your career beyond college by attending Chaminade.