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Hawaii is a great place to live, and a great place to study

forensic entomology

Forensic entomology study (Diamond Head in background)

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Learn in Hawaii at Chaminade University

Chaminade University of Honolulu is a small, private, Catholic university in Honolulu, Hawaii. Students of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome. We are an accredited institution providing a sound education, with a focus on developing the potential of the individual student.

We provide great ingredients for quality learning experiences:

We care about our students.

At Chaminade, teachers are closely involved with students. You will never be an unknown face lost in a crowd of hundreds of students in a lecture hall. Our ratio of students to faculty is 17 to 1. You will also get to know your classmates. Here, if you miss a class, your classmates and professor may worry about you.

Personal guidance and mentoring

Your professors will know you. You can get help quickly if you need it. Your instructors will help guide you academically and assist with research and/or internship opportunities. For many students this intensive focus on their strengths and achievement can make all the difference in their success. Many undergraduates are involved in research and make presentations at national conferences and events.

Outstanding programs

We have several very fine programs that may match your interests. Our Pre-Health Sciences program actively gets our students involved in summer research and enrichment programs throughout the country, including programs at Yale, U.C.L.A., and Baylor College of Medicine. Our Forensics Sciences program is one of about 10 in the nation with very rigorous academic standards plus an outstanding senior internship program. Other top-notch programs are Criminal Justice, Business, Education, Environmental Studies and Interior Design.

We are hands-on

No doubt about it, for many people the best teacher is experience. Service learning opportunities, research opportunities, internships, and intensive, hands-on experiences characterize programs at Chaminade.

Campus life

Hawaii is a gorgeous place and we have a safe, beautiful campus. Many dorm rooms have a view of the ocean. It's easy to make friends here and find fun things to do under the sun. However, don’t come just to be in Hawaii—as wonderful as it is. Do come because this unique school is the right place for you to study and prepare for your career.


You will find this is one of the most diverse campus populations anywhere – the majority of students are of Pacific Island or Asian heritage, or, a mix of a little of everything (that’s Hawaii.)