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What kind of experiences will you find at Chaminade that will help you get started in your career and in life? In the videos below, our students relate a range of experiences and opportunities available to undergraduates in various degree programs.

Alyssa Dixon: Summer Research Opportunities

Beyond the classroomBiology major Alyssa Dixon currently serves as the student body Vice President. She shares about her summer research opportunities.

Dwayne Iwamoto: Preparing for Medical School

Beyond the classroomDwayne Iwamoto, a junior biochemistry major, participated in the Summer Medical & Dental Education program at Duke University and had the opportunity to learn more about the medical field in his preparation for medical school.

Kanoelehua Perreira: Communications, Career Services

Beyond the classroomCommunications major Kanoelehua Perreira serves as a staff writer for Chaminade online new is actively involved in a number of extracurricular activites. She shares about her summer research opportunity at Purdue University.

Brittany Torres: Supportive Mentors, Community Spirit, Graduate School

Beyond the classroomEnglish major Brittany Torres from Hawaii shares rich experiences including working with inspiring mentors, performing in plays and musicals, travel, service, and the joy of acceptance into graduate school. She will pursue a career as a teacher of English.

Kaipo Leopoldino: Student Leadership, Hawaiian Club

Beyond the classroom Kaipo Leopoldino, a Criminal Justice and Criminology major from the Big Island, has been the president of the Hawaiian Club since his freshman year and as a senior is the president of the Chaminade Student Government Association. Kaipo also shares his experiences with a remarkable mentor.

Suse Sampaio Simões: A World Citizen, Travel-Study

Beyond the classroomSuse Simões, a Communication major from Brazil, is a self-described "dream chaser." Suse is involved in the Spanish Club, Zumba, social media, and service-learning but is especially addicted to travel. She has been able to fulfill her dream of studying while traveling through Semester at Sea, and will pursue a career as a diplomat. Suse's adventure blog is: SuseTraveler/Wordpress.com

Sam Galloway: Career Networking, Athletics, Internship, Entrepreneurship

Beyond the classroomSam Galloway, a Business Administration major from Ohio, is a soccer team captain, a golfer, a Hogan Entrepreneur, and as an intern is helping to develop a new co-working space in Honolulu. He is ready for a career in business.

Nicholas Kurosawa: Transfer Experience, India Immersion

Beyond the classroomNick Kurosawa, an English major from Honolulu, shares his viewpoint as a transfer student. Also, Nick relates his experiences of a memorable "India Immersion" trip with classmates and the Marianists.